Hire to Competency

Great companies hire great people! Great companies retain great people! How can your business guarantee a successful process for hiring and retaining great people? With Hire to Competency your company can have great people too!

If you have had to hire a new employee in the past five years and have felt higher levels of anxiety and stress, don't feel like you are alone. The ability of companies to hire great people on a consistent basis has become a major mission for them. In many cases “mission impossible.”

Why is this the case?

Here are the answers…

First, many small to medium size companies just don't have the resources that major corporations have to attract, recruit, test, hire, train and grow with new employees. In fact, few enjoy the return on investment it takes to be considered successful at this process. Second, many small to medium size companies don't have a proven process that is reliable enough to produce a consistent outcome. Third, most small to medium size companies just don't take the time or realize how much time and effort it takes to work through a successful hiring and retention process. Many companies cut corners they don't realize they are cutting, make decisions for the wrong reasons, call upon resources that are as inexperienced as they are, miss the opportunities to focus on the “needs” of their business, and–the biggest misunderstanding of all–is the real cost of a hire.

When does the reality of all of these mistakes become evident? When the employee becomes an issue. The realization that a poor hiring decision has been made appears as soon as the company starts to suffer. Then, the owner or manager begins to notice problems, and the path begins to be one of salvage or denial or both.

Ultimately, 67% of all hires don't work out if your company does not have a hiring process as well as a process that keeps a new employee hire on track after the starting date. Without the ability to track the cost of a successful hire, many small to medium size companies don't realize the true cost of a poor hire. It exceeds the cost of the job posting, the cost of a recruiter or the obvious hard salary cost we usually can identify because it is really the dollars that accumulate moving through the accounting process. Unfortunately, when we take a look at all of the costs that should be considered, such as the time to find the places to advertise the job, the time to post, the time to receive a resume, time to review resumes, the time to complete multiple interviews, the final selection process, the creation of a job offer, (hope for a positive acceptance or have to start all over), starting the new employee, completing orientation, training, tracking and for 90 days hoping and praying it works out! Wow!

When you add up all of these hard and soft costs, and add in that 67% of all hires don't work out in the first year, the final cost… (GET READY FOR THIS BECAUSE IT'S…) 162% times the first year's salary. What does this mean to you? Let's take a look. A $35,000 a year pay scale or $16.00 per hour employee could cost you up to $56,700 per year if the employee doesn't work out. And guess what. You have to start all over again!!!!!!

Please don't jump to the conclusion that every employee will cost this much. It depends on how long you keep a new hire past the time you realize that the wrong person was selected. This brings up one more issue. The amount of time a company keeps a hire past the “OOPS” moment. On an average, many companies will exacerbate their situation by perpetuating the problem and incurring costs by waiting way too long to fire and start over. Hence, the famous quote “hire slow and fire fast.”

Now a Real Solution

Hire to Competency(HTC) offers many solutions to what has turned into a true enigma for business. You now have a hiring process available that forces you to follow a proven set of steps. It allows you to become proficient at hiring and retaining great people. The HTC process incorporates the ability to focus on identifying true business needs, accumulating a list of tasks needed to support those needs, developing a job description, creating an interview process, creating a review and tracking process, but most importantly developing a concrete, connection between the competency of a potential candidate and the genuine needs of your business.

Let's face it, there is a risk on behalf of the employer to hire as well as a risk to the candidate being hired. Minimizing that risk happens during the qualification stage of the interview process. If you focus on the needs of the business, identify what tasks need to be completed to support those needs. Then, you are able to qualify a candidate to see that he/she is competent to complete those tasks. Then, and only then are both risks minimized and the benefit to the company maximized. HTC focuses on a candidate's competency, as well as qualifications. HTC identifies big game changers!

HTC is a “lifecycle” application that not only assists in a business event (hiring) but also continues during the boarding and training (reviewing) phases to maximize your company's investment in “Great People.” The program is comprehensive, requires a short learning curve, and is completely interactive. It is a must for any company that struggles with employee issues that are employee-quality centered. If you ever asked yourself, what was he/she thinking, why did we hire that person or I can't believe the employee did that, you might want to visit the Hire to Competency option.

Great Companies Can Have Great People

Hire to Competency is a hiring process that was developed in conjunction with Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Business, and the Cube Lab.

The program is a software application that creates job descriptions, standards of performance, interview questions, and review processes. It optimizes your chances of hiring the right person every time. The concept of taking into consideration people's competencies in addition to their work history, education, references and skills, increases your chances of hiring and maintaining great people.

Hire to Competency has assisted many companies when growing their business, while increasing the bottom line and solidifying their financial future. It is more than just a software program. It is a hiring process that helps you find and retain the “Best of the Best.”