David Levy an Executive Business Coach and Founder of Corporate Support Services & Solutions Group, assists small businesses in developing behaviors of success. David's SUCCESS IS A HABIT SERIES is a program that inspires and motivates entrepreneurs to focus on debilitating behaviors that might be standing in the way of their successes. David works with his clients to Raise the Bar of Performance within their organization to take the company to the next level.

David's history as a seasoned business owner for 25 years includes an eclectic background. President and owner of many successful companies such as a commercial flooring company, a labor company, a software development company, a dot-com company, and independent insurance agency, David has the background and coaching relationships to help him serve a growing list of prestigious clientele.

David's effective techniques help individuals not only to set goals, develop time management tools and be cost affective, but also to venture into new behaviors that help individuals succeed. These breakthrough techniques have roots from many behavioral sciences such as NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming), Self Reflective Exercises, Meta Physics and New Habit Development Programs. David's SUCCESS IS A HABIT SERIES is an example of the kind of processes used in the development of successful habits to grow and sustain growth in one's business life.


Read what Satisfied Clients are saying about CSSS:

“My sales force was floundering. What we thought was the appropriate approach did not create the results we wanted. David Levy's sales training program not only energized our entire company, but defined our direction, created standards of performance and assisted us by creating score cards to keep our sales force on track and the company on track. Our sales department now has a great sales process, and we were able to increase our sales volume 50% in 90 days.’

Steve Sutker, Tavens Container and Design Solutions

“As the owner of my company, how my employees acted at work and in front of my customers has always been a stressful part of my job. After working with David Levy and CSSS, I realized that ‘Command and Control’ is not the way to inspire and motivate my employees. I learned how to be a great leader by inspiring and motivating them to achieve the goals we all set. We now share a collaborative and connecting work environment. Our company has grown in both volume and staff by 30% in less than a year.”

Alan Rose, Re-sources Inc.

Customer List

  • Cleveland Financial Group
  • Cedarbrook Financial Partners LLC
  • Skylight Financial
  • Creekside Financial Advisors
  • Gebauer Company
  • Bucholtz Consulting, LLC.
  • Pinkerton Wealth Specialist
  • Resources Inc.
  • Lake County Nursery
  • Tavens Container and Design Solutions
  • Insure All Benefits Group
  • ESA Consulting
  • Landesign, Inc.
  • The Lakeview Cemetery
  • Oswald Companies
  • J&S Packaging, Inc.
  • Lyndall Insurance
  • Beacon Finacial Partners